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Queen of Love
queen of love eparl necklace

This collection holds a special place in our hearts, as it is the fruit of labor between Leen, our founder and Lynyer muse, traveler and creator; Haifa. The collection took around eight-months to conceive and is a depiction of their personal journeys and their quest for happiness and self-love.
With this year presenting so many challenges around the world, we wanted to create a line that celebrates love in the universe but most importantly, self-love. With no shortage of heart motifs, the Queen of Love collection orchestrates one’s self-journey to become at peace and to discover the power of the queen within.
queen love bracelet
From 24k Gold plated chokers and bracelets to chic drop-down pearl necklaces and earrings, this collection is a manifestation of a collaboration between Lynyer and Haifa which offers statement staples to have in your wardrobe for days when you want to feel extra special.
Using local techniques and natural metals, these show-stopping pieces were made by skilled craftsmen in Lebanon and India, so you can wear them proudly with a clear conscience.
Queen of love, setting the standard as high as you should be.
Enter the world of the Queen of Love 

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